About me!

You can download my resume HERE to see my credits. You can also check out a longer reel here, a shorter reel here, or a dance reel here.

I grew up in Baltimore and live in Brooklyn. I love my dogs, ridiculously. I am probably ridiculous too. I love snow.

I didn’t graduate from high school though I did graduate from college. I went to the Baltimore School for the Arts and studied acting. I didn’t appreciate till much later how incredible the program there was- we had Linklater and Lessac vocal training every week, classical clown our sophomore year,  Laban based movement study and more. Our junior year we did this incredible program, Ages on Stages where we worked with a group of senior women to write and perform scenes about issues that confronted teenagers and then performed those skits at assemblies in other public schools around the city and discussed the issues raised in the skits with those students. Baltimore Centerstage was a few blocks away and we would walk down as a class to see the matinees.

I went to Skidmore College and graduated with a degree in Economics and a minor in dance. I spent many years as a GMAT/GRE tutor and funnily enough tutored the progeny of more then one royal family. As much as I learned to love exponents, fractions and basic algebra…I did eventually move on from tutoring. I sell real estate now, as well as performing professionally.

I am not cool. I am a worker bee. Happiest when I am engaged in a challenge small or large, I’ve accepted that my nature is generally to try too hard. An independent person who loves being part of a team, I secretly thrive on long days, and the giddy punchiness that follows too many hours of focus.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect other people to be perfect either.